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Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Life need a balance.

Get some rewards for your self, escape from your routine activities. Recharge your body, mind and soul... And we are what you need.

When life get to bored, you definitely need some vacation. And we are here to help you. With amazing Bromo tour, Ijen tour and also others extra ordinary and challenging trip.

Mount Bromo (2. 329 meters) has known for long time from its fantastic scenery, start with the breathtaking journey with the jeep, you will start your unforgettable experience as a sun chaser, Ride the jeep across the sea of sand from your starting point to the beauty of sunrise with the background of mountain Bromo at Pananjakan.

Bromo mountain not only offers you gorgeous views when sunrise. But also the bromo crater was outstanding and beyond stunning, you can reach the summit of bromo and absorb the beauty of it, you can go to the top of the crater by foot or riding the horse.

Enjoy your cup of hot coffee or tea, roasted corn in a breezing cold air after that, and get ready for next destination of bromo tour such as whispering sand, love hill and many interesting local culture that meets with unstopped beautiful scenery. In addition, you can visit Madakaripura waterfall, it so beautiful, mystic with local myth.


Want more ???

Continue your unforgettable vacation with IJEN crater tour. Enjoy the beauty of Ijen mountain ( 2. 369 meters ), the larges highly acidic crater lake in the world. Ride to ijen from bromo around 4 - 5 hours by car, and your vacation will reach next step of extra ordinary moment, explore the volcano mountain with traditional sulfur miner, tracking the mountain with experienced guide and a nonstop beautiful vista of ijen, last but not least, the famous Blue fire crater, the phenomenal electric blue flame that already mentioned by National Geographic as a largest blue flame area in the world, well..... no words to tell about this, just come and make your own words from this amazing place.

Your journey still not end yet, in addition, get your DSLR camera to capture numerous fascinating landscape with the background of mount Merapi, mount Raung, mount Rante, mount Suket, and mount Pendil

So what are you waiting for ???

Contact us and you will find so many ways to enjoy your vacation because we try our best to fulfill your need and wants with our goals....

Your convenience and satisfaction.


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Informasi Perdagangan

Produk dikirim dari: Jawa Timur - Probolinggo
Berat Produk: 12345.00 kg
Harga Produk: Rp 750.000 - Rp 8.000.000 / Unit
Keterangan Harga: nego
Harga Diskon: Rp 100.000 / Unit
Persediaan: 10 unit
Jumlah Pesanan Minimum: 1 Unit
Cara Pembayaran: Transfer Bank,Tunai
Kemampuan Produksi: 10 Unit / Hari
Jasa Pengiriman: Lainnya privat
Waktu Pengiriman: 1 - 4 hari

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